Within the past 10 years, it became advantageous for companies to invest in technology to improve grading accuracy on roadbuilding projects. Now, according to Jordan Kessel, IT Manager for Baranko Bros. in Dickinson, ND, it’s almost a requirement to have this type of SmartGrade technology on a motor grader, as grade tolerance has gotten tighter.

The GP872 John Deere grader is the first mastless motor grader and features integrated SmartGrade technology. What does this motor grader do? The mastless design eliminates issues with external masts and cables, allowing better maneuverability and versatility on the jobsite. From articulation to sideshifting in tight corners or other unique jobsite conditions, an operator now can cut into a grade that wouldn’t be possible with a mast design and operators are able to achieve precise grade control.

Watch to learn more about how Baranko Bros., the first company to use a mastless SmartGrade motor grader in western North Dakota, benefits from this integrated combo of Deere and Topcon 3D-MC2 technology built into the machine.

In this video, find out:

How Deere and Topcon partnered on the industry’s first mastless motor grader: 00:10 A

dvantages of the Deere mastless motor grader: 00:23

How the mastless motor grader saves setup time: 00:35

The trend driving the adoption of SmartGrade for roadbuilding: 00:54

The accuracy of the SmartGrade motor grader: 01:14

How SmartGrade technology reduces labor on the job: 01:24

An example of how a SmartGrade motor grader saves money: 01:28

Where to find out more info or buy a Deere SmartGrade motor grader: 02:20